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Amou Prefectural Natural Park

Amou Prefectural Natural Park

A paradise of trees and flower where you can feel the breath of the land with your five senses

Amou Mountain Pass is located on the border between Kawai Town, Hida City and Shirakawa Village, Ono County. The Amou Mountain Pass is closed due to snow for half of the year.

This area was the setting for the novel ‘Koya Hijiri (Saint of Mt. Koya) by Izumi Kyoka and the painting San-un (Mountain Cloud) by Higashiyama Kaii.
Visitors to Amou Mountain Pass and the surrounding area can experience vast nature such as alpine plants, marshes, primeval beech forests and deep valleys.

From June immediately after snow melts until mid-October, visitors can see seasonal flowers such as mizubashou, nirinsou, sankayou and nikkoukisuge.
Also, don't miss the beauty of multicolored autumn leaves which can be seen from October.

Gifu Brand New Treasure

Gifu Prefecture awards the title of "Gifu Brand New Treasure" to local places and items which are special and unique in Japan. In October 2011, Amou Prefectural Natural Park and the Three Marsh Corridor were certified as Gifu Brand New Treasures.

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The deep within Amou Natural Park is a primeval beech forest which spreads around a swamp.
Visitors can see a group of giant katsura trees which is called Katsura Gate. Other appealing places are Kidaira Marsh, fields with clumps of mizubashou flowers and Mt. Mominuka, which offers sweeping views of the North Alps.
This area is also home to the legend of sculptor Tori Busshi, who is said to have created the Shaka Triad of Horyuji Temple. Visitors can experience nature and stirring history.


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  • Point AHidafurukawa Station
  • Point BAmou Prefectural Natural Park

Approx. 50 minutes by car from Hida-Furukawa Station on the JR Takayama Line.
Cross the Kawai Bridge in Kawai-cho, Komukari district. Proceed along Route 360 19 kilometers (approx. 30 minutes) from Kawai Bridge toward Shirakawa-go by car.
A parking lot and restroom are located at trailhead of the Amou Mountain Pass.
The section of Route 360 which leads to Shirakawa Village through Kawai Town and Amou Mountain Pass is narrow. Buses and larger vehicles exceeding 8 meters in length can not go through this section.
Also the passage to scenic overlook is not accessible for buses and larger vehicles. The road is closed in winter.

Name Amou Prefectural Natural Park
Address Amou Pass (Hida-shi kawai-cho amou)
Parking information available
Public transportation Shuttle bus available (please confirm operation in advance)
Facilities Restroom available in the mountain pass parking lot
Booths for using portable toilets along trail

Hida Tourism Association
TEL:+81-577-74-1192  FAX:+81-577-73-0099

Hida City Office Tourism Division
TEL:+81-577-73-2111  FAX:+81-577-73-6866

  • Do not swerve from the trail or step into the marsh.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the trail.
  • Take all trash home.
  • Do not pick plants (including wild vegetables and mushrooms).
  • Pets may affect the natural ecological system. Therefore they are not allowed on the trail.
  • Restrooms are not available within the park.
    Please use the restroom at the Amou Mountain Pass parking lot before entering the trail.
    (There are tent booths within the park for using portable toilets.)

Donations for promoting forest environment facilities

In order to protect and preserve the valuable natural environment within Amou Prefectural Natural Park for future generations, we ask that everyone who visit the park should pay a donation of 500 yen. Your donations will be used for meaningful activities such as environmental preservation activities and beautification within the park, forest surveillance patrols and raising environmental awareness.

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