What is the“GIFU BRAND NEW TREASURE” project?
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What is the GIFU BRAND NEW TREASURE project?

This is one of the main projects behind the "HIDA-MINO JIMAN CAMPAIGN"


In July 2007, Gifu Prefecture established an ordinance that aims at promoting tourism in the Hida and Mino regions. (Ordinance for Community Support in Establishing Tourism in the Hida and Mino Regions.) Through cooperation with Gifu residents to promote the "HIDA - MINO JIMAN CAMPAIGN," it aims to establish Gifu Prefecture as a major tourist location.
The “HIDA - MINO JIMAN CAMPAIGN" is about developing Gifu Prefecture as a wonderful place for both residents and tourists through efforts to enhance the charms of the Hida and Mino regions. Under the slogan "Discover, find, and create the best of our community,” individuals in the Gifu area are developing local tourist resources and introducing them to the outside in order to establish tourism as a key industry. The “GIFU BRAND NEW TREASURES" project is one of the main projects behind the "HIDA - MINO JIMAN CAMPAIGN."

In October 2011, Amou Prefectural Natural Park and the Three Marsh Corridor were designated as a "GIFU BRAND NEW TREASURE"

We are grateful for how this designation as a Gifu Brand New Treasure recognizes our past activities. In the future, we will continue to concentrate on our foremost goal of passing on natural resources to future generations while conveying the appeal of the three marshes. In conjunction with performing conservation activities, we shall instill appeal into the region itself and implement a variety of activities through cooperation with many people.

Details of Gifu Brand New Treasure are available here


Forest of North Hida

  • Amou Prefectural Natural Park
  • Ikegahara Marsh
  • Ooshirakawa
  • Sanboiwa-dake
  • Mt.Anbou
  • Okuhida Sugo Nagareha Prefectural Park
  • Mt.Tengai