Ikegahara Marsh

Ikegahara Marsh

Ikegahara Marsh

A bright white carpet of "Mizubashou" flowers

Ikegahara Marsh is a marsh within the Okuhida Sugo Nagareha Prefectural Park.
The marsh is located at an altitude of 960 to 980 meters (3150 ft. to 3215 ft.) and is designated as a natural monument of Gifu Prefecture.
In spring, almost as if they were waiting for the snow to melt, 300 to 400 thousand Mizubashou flowers start to bloom simultaneously across the marsh area of about 6ha (15 acre).
A spectacular view is created by the intermingling of yellow flowers, the Ryuukinka plant. The best time for flower viewing is from late April to early May each year. A boardwalk is maintained in almost the middle of the marsh, making it possible to stroll through a field of Mizubashou.
Summer brings a refreshing breeze that blows across the marsh. Beautiful colored leaves can be enjoyed in the fall.

Gifu Brand New Treasure

Gifu Prefecture awards the title of "Gifu Brand New Treasure" to local places and items which are special and unique in Japan. In October 2011, Amou Prefectural Natural Park and the Three Marsh Corridor were certified as Gifu Brand New Treasures.

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Walking Map

Walking Map

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walking point

Walking Point

When walking from the parking lot, you will pass through a Shirakanba forest before reaching a boardwalk. Mizubashou and Zazensou flowers can be seen in this area.
Water from the marsh gathers in this area to create a stream. Mountain trout swim gracefully without fear of people.
Continue along the boardwalk and you will see a vast marsh. The expansive garden of Mizubashou and Ryuukinka flowers is overwhelming.


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On Route 360, turn right 1.6 kilometers from Utsubo Station on the JR Takayama Line in Utsubo district, Miyagawa-cho and cross Heisei Bridge and enter Shioya district, Miyagawa-cho. Proceed the forest road Hora-Sugo line and ascend the mountain. The marsh is 11 kilometers (approx. 20 minutes by car) from Heisei Bridge. The forest road is closed in the winter.

Name Ikegahara Marsh
Address Ikegahara Marsh Parking (Hida-shi Miyakawa-cho Hora)
Parking information available
Public transportation -
Facilities Restroom facilities are available in the parking lot.

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