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Please be aware of the following information before making inquiries.

  • Depending on the content of your inquiry, a substantial amount of time may be required before we can reply, or it may not be possible to answer.
  • Email replies sent to customers from our office are intended only for that individual customer.
    Please refrain from diverting or making secondary use of this email or any portion thereof.
  • If the contents of your inquiry require a reply from an entity other than our office, we may forward the information that you have provided.

Forest of North Hida

  • Amou Prefectural Natural Park
  • Ikegahara Marsh
  • Ooshirakawa
  • Sanboiwa-dake
  • Mt.Anbou
  • Okuhida Sugo Nagareha Prefectural Park
  • Mt.Tengai